Evonik Silanes – Performance beyond expectations

We want to exceed customer expectations. That is what drives us and that is what we assure our customers in our new value proposition: Evonik Silanes - Performance beyond expectations.

We provide our customers with superior silane solutions for the challenges of tomorrow in the ever-changing world of today. Our uniquely comprehensive range of sophisticated products enables them to achieve higher performance, better effectiveness, more sustainability thus delivering real value.

But we want to do more than just providing our customers with high-quality silane solutions. We want to exceed their expectations. Always and every time.

„Don't meet expectations – beat expectations. Boost your performance with Evonik Silanes.“

That's what drives us. That is what is close to our hearts. But at the same time, it's about so much more:

It is about outstanding quality and reliability. Excellent products and a reliable behavior towards partners create the basis for exceeding customer expectations in the first place.

It is about expert knowledge: Because we know and master silanes technology, we are the ideal innovation partner for our customers.

It is about power and speed: We enable our customers to increase performance and to deliver an added value to their customers.

It is about cooperation and trust: We are a partner on eye level for our customers, suppliers and other players along the value chain.

It is about customer intimacy: We understand our customers and put them at the core of our activities.

Evonik Silanes - Performance beyond expectations.