Keeping the roof over one’s head durable for the long run 

Waterborne acrylic roof coatings protect the roof above one’s head, while silanes from Evonik ensure their durability and sustainability. 

Houses are gathering places: they provide shelter, security, belonging, and a place to rest with family and loved ones. They keep their inhabitants safe from the outdoors and protect against bad weather. Roofing structures, in particular, take a beating from adverse weather conditions, especially in areas where there is increased snowfall and rain throughout the year.  

Silanes can help extend the life and strength of roofs. The Dynasylan® product family includes a range of technologically advanced products such as waterborne or multifunctional silane systems that are widely recognized for their outstanding performance. With VPS 4721, Evonik has developed a silane-based additive that can improve the performance of waterborne roof coatings by increasing their durability and stability.  

Silanes reduce water uptake 

The biggest challenge to maintaining a long-lasting roof is the pooling and ponding of rainwater onto its surface. Rainwater that is left to sit for extended periods of time can prematurely age roof coatings and the roofing membranes beneath the coatings. This will make it so the roof needs to be replaced sooner which can be costly and time intensive. 

Ponding of water can additionally encourage mildew and algae growth which causes surface defects and breakdown of the roof coatings. VPS 4721 can make for a less penetrable coating. Even just a 0.2 wt % increase of VPS 4721 into the waterborne acrylic roof coating has led to a 60% reduction of water uptake by the coating.  

Durability is key 

Having a strong roof is important for extending the life, protection, and value of a home. Accelerated weather tests have shown that adding VPS 4721 to a waterborne roof coating leads to a 20% increase in tensile strength of the system, with no surface defects observed. VPS 4721 provides improved toughness and durability of the coating. 

Global environmental regulations have tightened restrictions on coatings that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Instead, waterborne coatings with hydrolytically stable additives are widely used. These additives have a high moisture sensitivity which causes them to rapidly undergo condensation and make for unworkable viscosities and gelling of the waterborne coatings within weeks of being on the shelf. VPS 4721 has demonstrated slower hydrolysis and lower condensation rates, extending the shelf life of waterborne coatings, and furthering their stability in water over time. 

With Evonik’s silanes providing the protection that roof coatings need, roofing structures will be more durable, providing longer-lasting protection for homes and their inhabitants.