Building protection 

Protectosil® guarantees effective and long-lasting protection 

Invisible protective systems keep the building structure intact 

Protectosil® preserves the substance of buildings, bridges and monuments the world over, ensuring that they retain their function and their prestigious appearance for many years to come. The wide range of Protectosil® building protection products is suitable for preserving various mineral substrates, including concrete, clinker, natural stone or sandstone. Evonik’s building protection experts offer the perfect solution for virtually every requirement. As a result, buildings are given sustainable and long-lasting protection, thereby reducing maintenance costs and extending their service lives. 


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The benefits of Protectosil® at a glance 

The silane-based building products from the Protectosil® brand provide long-lasting protection against damage for almost any material. In addition to outstanding product quality, Evonik provides its customers with personal consultation services and peace of mind, as well as fast and reliable delivery. 


  • Infrastructural facilities such as bridges or parking garages 
  • Existing or new buildings 
  • Heritage structures and monuments 
  • Mineral building materials such as roof tiles, clinker or fiber cement boards 


  • The facade receives optimal protection while remaining breathable  
  • Invisible protective layer that does not alter the surface appearance 
  • Natural look and feel retained  
  • Long-lasting protection: Extended lifespan of the protected surface 
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs