Pipes and Cables 

Dynasylan® creates strong bonds 

Silanes make cables and pipes stable, flexible and tough. 

Cables and pipes have to withstand numerous external influences, such as large fluctuations in temperature and pressure. Silanes provide increased stability when crosslinking polyethylene in cable and pipe production. Crosslinked polyethylene does not deform even at higher temperatures and is especially resistant to stress cracks. But silanes also make it possible to incorporate high filler contents of mineral fillers into cables and pipes, while also improving the mechanical properties. Although they are used in only small quantities, silanes contribution hugely to reliability and excellent performance. 

The benefits of Dynasylan® at a glance 

Silanes help to conserve resources when laying and installing cables and piping. Used as adhesion promoters or crosslinkers, they ensure the reliability and long lifespan of the end products. Evonik’s silane experts help their customers worldwide to select the right silanes for their specific applications and support them in their handling. 


  • Drinking water and underfloor heating pipes 
  • Medium and low-voltage cables 
  • Halogen-free, flame-retardant cable insulation 



  • Even small quantities of silane deliver excellent material properties for the end application 
  • Silane crosslinking is an environmentally friendly technology 
  • Low investment costs 
  • High production throughput rates possible 
  • High flexibility in processing thanks to a broad processing window 
  • Good mechanical properties