Mechanical rubber goods 

Always in good shape 

Silanes for outstanding performance and increased durability of rubber products 

Whether for industrial applications or leisure goods – the rubber industry produces a highly diverse range of products that are reinforced with light-colored fillers. These products include shoe soles, but also rubber hoses or window profiles and gaskets. Functional organosilanes are key components for this, as they significantly improve the performance of the rubber mixture when combined with highly active silica products. Adding just even a low concentration is enough to reduce the viscosity of the formulation’s mixture, thereby making it easier to process the formulation. In end products, they improve various properties such as tensile strength and abrasion resistance. All of this results in a significantly longer product service life. Silanes from Evonik thus make a valuable contribution to resource efficiency and sustainability. 

The benefits of Dynasylan® and COUPSIL® products at a glance 

Evonik is the only producer to offer both a wide range of special organosilanes and precipitated and fumed silica in its product portfolio. The innovative reinforcement system based on silica/silane provides the rubber industry with numerous benefits, as it increases the performance of high-quality rubber mixtures. The experts in silica and silane technology develop products specifically tailored to the needs of the customers in the respective application area. 



  • Belts and conveyor belts 
  • Rollers
  • Seals and sealing rings 
  • Mounts, supports and absorbers 
  • Profiles 
  • Shoe soles 
  • Washing machine seals 
  • Bicycle tires 
  • And much more 



  • High tear resistance 
  • Improved elongation at break 
  • Higher yield stress values 
  • Improved abrasion resistance 
  • Lower compressive deformation 
  • Lower viscosity of the mixture 
  • Improved dynamic properties