Optical fibers  

Siridion® guarantees constant quality 

Ultra-high-purity chlorosilanes enable fast, uninterrupted data transmission  

A fast flow of information is becoming ever more important in today’s digital world. Optical fibers serve as the medium for data transmission and can bridge even large distances. High-purity chlorosilanes play a major role in the production of fiber optic cables and have a crucial influence on the quality and performance of optical fiber networks. Even the tiniest impurity can impair the optical properties of the fiber optic cables. Chlorosilanes from Evonik’s Siridion® brand are characterized by their extraordinary purity, guaranteed by extremely strict quality controls. State-of-the-art technologies and production methods ensure that all Siridion® products meet the highest purity standards. 

The benefits of Siridion® at a glance 

With Evonik’s high-quality chlorosilanes, customers can be sure that they are using the best materials to produce their fiber optic cables. They benefit from increased efficiency, enhanced transmission properties and a longer lifespan for their optical fiber networks. Alongside top-class products, Evonik also offers its customers comprehensive expertise. Its silane experts support customers in choosing the right chlorosilanes for their specific requirements and works with them to develop bespoke solutions. Customer service is also a major priority for the company. Flexible delivery options and short delivery times enable customers to organize their production processes efficiently and minimize downtimes. 


  • Optical fibers 



  • Key starting material for the production of optical fibers 
  • Exceptional product purity and consistent quality 
  • Outstanding in-house analytical expertise 
  • Bespoke solutions for even complex customer requirements 
  • Technical support in product handling 
  • Fast support in safety matters