Paints and Coatings 

Dynasylan® protects surfaces 

Functional silanes for high-performance and environmentally friendly coatings  

Paints and coatings have to provide lasting protection for coated surfaces. Depending on the application, appearance is also an important aspect. The products from the Dynasylan® portfolio meet these requirements regarding the protection and visual appeal of the coating. They ensure that the paint and coating system can reliably withstand external influences such as weathering, UV radiation, mechanical or chemical loads and different temperatures. When added to the formulation, functional silanes provide the system with different functional properties such as adhesion, a glossy appearance, weather resistance and scratch resistance. Water-based formulations are particularly environmentally friendly while also offering outstanding performance. 

The benefits of Dynasylan® at a glance 

Functional silanes from the Dynasylan® range fulfill key functions in innovative paint and coating systems. Evonik’s experts work together with customers to develop solutions tailored to their wishes and requirements – ensuring efficient production processes and end products of outstanding quality.  

Applications: ​​​​​​

  • Protective coatings for buildings and infrastructure 
  • Automotive industry 
  • Marine 
  • Wood treatment 


  • Coating and end product are durable 
  • Paint is water and chemical-resistant 
  • Resistance to abrasion 
  • Thermally and mechanically stable 
  • Resistance to UV radiation and weathering 
  • Small quantities of silanes needed 
  • Environmentally friendly