Dynasylan®, Siridion® and Idisil® for maximum purity 

Ultra high purity chlorosilanes and silica for a digital future  

Microchips are found in almost every electronic device today – from smartphones and laptops to household appliances. As such, they are an essential part of modern technology, and one that is constantly evolving to become ever smaller, faster and more powerful. Silanes and silica are needed at various points in the production of these integrated circuits. Under its Dynasylan®, Siridion® and Idisil® brand names, Evonik offers a wide range of ultra high purity products in consistently high quality. Complex release analytics ensure that customers always receive their products to exactly the specification that they require. 

The benefits of Dynsylan®, Siridion® and Idisil® at a glance 

Evonik not only offers its customers in the semiconductor industry products of the very highest purity: The experts also work with them to develop bespoke solutions, even for the most complex of requirements. They also support customers in transporting, storing and using the silanes and silica, and ensure that they are used safely and efficiently. 


  • Semiconductor production 


  • Ultra-high purity 
  • Consistently high quality 
  • Security of supply 
  • Technical support worldwide 
  • Customer-specific modifications possible 
  • Silane expertise