Safe and sustainable 

Silanes for optimum tire performance with lower fuel consumption and greater driving safety. 

Tires are an essential element of passenger vehicles and commercial trucks as they form the point of direct contact to the road. Parameters such as rolling resistance, wet grip and abrasion resistance are key, as the performance a tire delivers for each of these criteria is decisive when it comes to driving safety, comfort, fuel consumption and a tire’s service life. The traditional carbon black filler used in the tread of modern quality tires is partially or fully replaced by an innovative silica/silane system that is characterized by excellent reinforcement properties and good abrasion behavior. A majority of automobiles produced in Europe are fitted with “green tires,” whose impressively low rolling resistance and good grip ensure that the vehicles travel safely, are sustainable and more fuel-efficient. 

Benefits of the rubber silanes, Dynasylan® and COUPSIL® product groups at a glance 

Evonik is the only company that offers both specialty organosilanes and precipitated (and fumed) silica in its product portfolio. These key components for “green tires” are produced in the American, Asian and European regions, where the research departments are continuously working on advancing them to achieve even better tire performance. The experts at Evonik possess many years of experience in the production and handling of silica and silanes. They are always at hand to advise their customers in the selection and application, working with them to devise solutions to suit the customer’s specific needs. 


  • Tires for passenger cars 
  • Tires for commercial trucks 



  • Resilient tires thanks to the chemical coupling of fillers and polymers 
  • Excellent wet grip properties in rain, ice and snow 
  • Low rolling resistance, lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions 
  • Good abrasion resistance, ensuring a longer service life