Maximum safety and purity: chlorosilanes for demanding industries

Optical fibers and semiconductors play a key role in the production and development of modern communication technologies. High-purity chlorosilanes from Evonik Silanes are an important raw material. The company takes responsibility and supports its customers worldwide in their safe handling and use. 

In the digital age, high-performance microchips and fiber optic cables are becoming increasingly important for fast and reliable data transmission. New solutions are constantly being developed to further improve the performance, efficiency and quality of these technologies. In both industries, chlorosilanes serve as essential raw materials, for example, in the production of semiconductors. Precise and demanding processes here require consistent quality and particularly high purity. 

Evonik has been producing and developing chlorosilanes for many decades and markets them under the brand name Siridion®. As a result, the silane experts have a great deal of experience in handling these chemical compounds-whether in production, analytics, or logistics and transport. To achieve consistently high quality and maximum purity, the products are purified in several steps. In the end, they have purities of up to 99.9999 percent.  

Safe handling of chlorosilanes 

Due to their chemical properties, chlorosilanes must be handled with particular care: When they come into contact with moisture in the air or water, they react quickly and hydrogen chloride gas is formed, which can harm people and the environment. The company therefore implements strict safety measures during storage and transport. 

Containers specially developed for Siridion® in various sizes are equipped with different valve systems such as KV40 ball valves or diaphragm valves. They guarantee optimum handling, safety and product purity and offer flexibility to meet customers' specific requirements. They are also reusable, contributing to sustainability. A customized supply chain ensures that products reach customers reliably and on time.  

Siridion® Incident Response Team provides advice directly on site 

Evonik is also a reliable and experienced partner for its customers when it comes to service. With safety videos and personal advice, the experts teach them how to handle the chlorosilanes and the containers properly and show them safe procedures for removing the product after transport to avoid potential hazards. 

In addition, a dedicated Siridion® Incident Response Team is available around the clock to provide immediate assistance in the event of a problem or incident. Thanks to the company's global presence, customers all over the world can rely on Evonik to take care of the safety and efficiency of their production, thus contributing to their sustainable success. 

"At Evonik Silanes, our unwavering dedication to ensuring the highest levels of safety and purity in chlorosilanes reflects our commitment to empowering industries with reliable and sustainable solutions”, states Dr. Theresa Waßmer, Technical Marketing Manager in the Silanes business line. “We strive to be a trusted partner, delivering not only exceptional products but also comprehensive support that enables our customers' continued success.”