Semiconductor Center of Excellence  

BL Silane has reached an important milestone with the opening of the Global Semiconductor Center of Excellence in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The innovative research and development facility is a clear signal to the field of semiconductors that Evonik’s Silane group is ready to shape the future of the industry.

BL Silane is committed to utilizing and advancing the latest developments in the sector.  The Global Semiconductor Center of Excellence is a good example of this: “The investment in the Semiconductor Center of Excellence demonstrates our company’s commitment to the growth of this market in the coming years,” comments Christian Edlinger, Vice President & General Manager Americas in Business Line Silanes.

The market for semiconductor chemicals is growing. The reason for this is the increasing demand for innovative electronics in various sectors such as the automotive industry, health care and telecommunications. The pandemic revealed the vital need for localized supply chains. The semiconductor chip shortage, which persists despite the recovery of the industry, underscores this need as artificial intelligence and other digital technologies drive the demand for chips. As a result, major players such as TSMC, Intel, Texas Instruments, and Samsung are investing in the US semiconductor industry.

BL Silanes has a wide range of equipment for synthesizing and analyzing novel chemicals in the new laboratories in Allentown. The research and development group will focus on customer driven projects developing wet chemicals, deposition precursors, and metal oxide nanoparticles, all critical components used in the fabrication of semiconductors. By working closely with customers, Silanes aims to provide innovative and customized solutions that meet customer specific needs and enhance their competitiveness in the market, therefore supporting them to remain leaders in the field.

Evonik Silanes also leverages its global production and resource network to ensure high-quality and reliable supply of its products. Additionally, Evonik collaborates with universities in the region to measure the products’ performance in various applications. Evonik Silanes recently announced that it would commence the production of IDISIL® high-purity colloidal silica at its Weston, Michigan facility in 2024. Colloidal silica is an important raw material for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

"We are excited to announce the establishment of our new research and development group in Allentown," said Purnima Ruberu, Technical Marketing Manager, BL Silanes. "We believe that the team's vast experience and capabilities will enable us to successfully develop and market new, innovative chemicals that will help our customers stay ahead of the curve."