The wheels keep turning 

Supply chain management is all about planning and controlling the individual links of the supply chain efficiently to ensure that products are supplied to customers reliably. Evonik Silanes ensures that the wheels keep turning 

Numerous booking processes are required until products reach customers. So companies cannot simply rely on having a portfolio filled with high-quality products as a guarantee of success. In fact, they must ensure that their products reach customers in sufficient quantities and on-time via sophisticated and efficient supply chain management. 

The goal is happy customers 

Evonik Silanes takes a holistic and solution-oriented approach to supply chain management. In the process, the customer’s needs take center stage in all activities. The objective is to offer the customer a smooth and efficient process – spanning from planning to production through to delivery – that is tailored to their unique needs, prioritizing delivery performance and cost. 

“Good supply chain management is one thing that you never notice,” says Ilona Kraft, Head of Supply Chain Management at Evonik Silanes. But it requires expertise and experience in process execution, in turn meaning that production and logistics must be carefully planned and coordinated. 

Ultimate flexibility 

“We work closely with our service providers,” Kraft adds. “In the event of delays or unforeseeable changes, quick and flexible action is vital.” To do so, the company is increasingly building upon digitalization: Using tracking and tracing, errors can be detected and countermeasures initiated early on. “Our out-of-the box solutions also ensure that we prevent supply shortages.” 

To be able to deliver the highest quality and efficiency without fail, Evonik Silanes is continuously developing its processes, e.g. by adding the ability to use integrated planning tools with SAP backbone connectivity. The company even offers purpose-made solutions for innovative products – which must be handled differently in supply chain management, especially during their launch phase. 

In this way, Evonik Silanes is equipping itself to master the challenges of tomorrow while also ensuring that customers are well-equipped for the future. “The world is constantly changing around us and we have a vision of the future for everything we do,” says Kraft. “Our customers can rely us.”