Metal Treatment 

Rust has no chance with Dynasylan® 

Environmentally friendly corrosion protection extends the service life of metal surfaces. 

Metals are used in many industries, such as the automotive industry, mechanical engineering or the construction industry. Depending on their application, the surfaces are exposed to different external influences and therefore require protection. The most important form of protection is against corrosion, which eats away at the material and jeopardizes reliability while at the same time causing damage that is expensive to repair. With its water-based silanes, Evonik offers environmentally friendly and effective solutions for protecting metallic surfaces. They form a chemical barrier that acts as a durable and robust protective layer for the metal. 

The benefits of Dynasylan® at a glance 

Many things require consideration when formulating a protection system for metals, including the type and quality of the surface or the conditions that it will be exposed to (such as harsh weather or salt water). Evonik’s experts develop suitable formulations for each case together with our customers, thus ensuring that the product’s performance meets all requirements. 


  • Automotive and transport in general 
  • Electronics industry and IT 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Construction 
  • Marine 


  • Corrosion protection saves resources and costs 
  • Chemical barrier protects against water penetration and exposure to chlorides 
  • Surface layer locks out moisture 
  • Reaction with the substrate ensures passivation layer 
  • Additional coatings enhance adhesion 
  • Water-based and thus environmentally friendly 
  • Can be used as an additive or a primer  
  • Easy to process and short curing times 
  • Long shelf life