Adhesives and Sealants

Dynasylan® for good adhesion

Silanes for powerful adhesives and sealants with long-lasting adhesion  

The use of silanes in the adhesive and sealant industry has contributed to replacing difficult joining processes such as welding, screwing or riveting with adhesives or sealants. This offers numerous advantages, as adhering gives the bonded materials additional damping characteristics and a high level of dynamic strength among other things. At the same time, tension is distributed evenly and the materials are not weakened by drilled holes. All this can extend the lifespan of the final products. 

Silanes’ diverse properties make them ideal for a multitude of adhesive and sealant applications, such as in the transport and construction industries. Organofunctional products from the Dynasylan® portfolio improve adhesion, and can also be used as crosslinking agents, water scavengers or polymer and rheology modifiers. 

The benefits of Dynasylan® at a glance 

Silanes from Evonik promote the efficient use of adhesives and sealants even on especially challenging surfaces or under difficult conditions. They even retain their adhesive power in moist environments. All this makes specialty silanes true miracle ingredients that can significantly improve the properties of formulations in many different applications. Evonik’s experts work together with their customers to develop bespoke solutions – even when the system is subject to stringent requirements. 


  • Construction
  • Transport 
  • Aerospace 
  • Rail
  • DIY and home improvement 
  • Shipbuilding 


  • Better wet and dry adhesion 
  • Enhanced mechanical properties 
  • Extended storage stability 
  • Greater resistance to warmth, moisture, weather conditions and solvents
  • Improved storage and handling; easy to process